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DaBizz Institute 

Tax Affiliate Course

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Our Tax Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to work independently, be self employed with the potential to earn 6 figures in 3 months. This program was designed for someone wanting to prepare tax returns with no investment yet receive huge profits (REVENUE SHARING). The program package offer FREE tax preparation software,  tax preparation education and training. The ability to offer bank products, tax payer advances and incentives. You will receive year around support. and tax law updates. 

Freight Dispatching Course

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  • How To Get Started (Setting up your office).

  • Business and Tax Information.

  • Available Resources to use for your business.

  • Terminology of the Trucking Industry.

  • Truck Education.

  • Marketing (How To Market Drivers for Business).

  • Required Documents to Run your Business/Contracts.

  • Rate Training and Negotiating.

  • Marketing (How To Market Shippers).
    *(This will include Live Interactive calls to Industry Customers).*

  • Load Board Training/How To Find and Book Loads.

  • Pre-Qualifying Process of Brokers, Shippers and Drivers.

  • Required Documents to Book Freight with customers.

  • Billing (How Truck Driver gets paid and Required Documents).

  • Billing/Invoicing (How Dispatcher Gets Paid).